Terms & Conditions

Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd trading as Luxury Portable Loo Hire

Terms and Conditions 


The “Company” means Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd trading as Luxury Portable Loo Hire

The “Hirer” means the person, persons or their representative hiring equipment from the company

The “Equipment” means mobile portable loo units including all fixtures and fittings

The "Site"means the hire charges are based on the assumption that the site is flat, level and solid with suitable
access for the Equipment and associated motor vehicles

The Hirer warrants that the vehicles and Equipment belonging to the company will have suitable access free from all overhead obstructions, trees, hedges etc and without buried pipes or other concealed services that may suffer damage occasioned by
the transport, use, erection/installation and/or dismantling/removal of the Equipment.

The Company reserves the right to charge for any damage caused to the vehicles and equipment
belonging to the Company due to the unsatisfactory site conditions and/or access.



The Company accepts no liability upon Equipment leaving the Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd site the Hirer becomes responsible for
all and every risk, loss or damage and will be chargeable in respect thereof, except that the hire charge includes a compulsory insurance premium covering Luxury Portable Loo Hire units against loss or damage through fire, storm,vandalism or natural disaster, while in possession of the Hirer.

The Hirer is liable and chargeable in respect of any costs incurred in cleaning and goods returned or left in a
soiled condition, or defaced by writing, drawing or other means.

Where maintenance services have not been arranged, Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd shall be under no obligation to provide them
at short notice, and such inability or refusal shall in no way reduce the liability of the hirer or increase the liability of Sitting Pretty Loos Limited.  However for any major maintenance that is supplied by Sitting Pretty Loos Limited during the period of the hire, a charge of $60.00 per hour per man plus GST will be made.

Should the hirer arrange own delivery of equipment the hirer shall be liable for any unforeseen costs due to losses or
damage as a result of non-performance by the sub-contractor.

Appropriate insurance is in place for the Equipment and Sitting Pretty Loos Limited hold a comprehensive Public
Liability insurance.

Booking Fees/Payments

Booking fees must be received by Sitting Pretty Ltd at the time of the order.  Where Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd is not
in receipt of a booking fee Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd shall be entitled to rehire the goods WITHOUT notification to the hirer and to cancel the hirer’s order WITHOUT notification.

It is agreed that Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd may reserve the right at all times, to insist the hiring and other charges including bonds be received in full before the Equipment leave the store of Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd.  In circumstances where such payment is not made, it is agreed further that notwithstanding refusal to deliver or supply, the hirer shall be chargeable in respect of all the hire charges.

Hire Charges and Payments:

The hire charge, delivery and collection charges for the Equipment are specified in the Quote.

The period of hire and maximum numbers utilising the Equipment is as stated in the quotation.

In the event of cancellation for any reason the Company reserves the right to levy cancellation charges as follows:

3-6 months: forfeit 50% of deposit

1-3 months: forfeit 100% of deposit

Event date to 1 month: forfeit up to 100% of the total quoted price at the discretion of the Company

Final delivery of the unit is subject to full payment of all hire costs 7 days before delivery 

Ordering Alteration

It is expressly stipulated and agreed that any verbal or telephone communication of an order and alteration, or cancellation, is at the hirer’s risk.  Hirers are urged to cancel in writing and to seek written confirmation of orders and alterations.

Delivery and Possession

It is expressly stipulated and agreed that any carrier or any other person uplifting the goods from Sitting Pretty
Loos Ltd is the agent of the hirer and that the hirer will be bound to acceptance of the goods, and these conditions, by the action of that agent or agents.

Payment of booking fee, or acceptance of the goods, or signature, or receipt, shall be deemed acceptance of these conditions.


Possessions and Charges

The hirer is liable to pay any hire charges for equipment retained or unavailable beyond the time period specified, and to pay any costs consequent.

The hirer is liable to pay any charges or costs incurred in repossession of the hire goods.

No smoking is allowed in the Equipment.


Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd is the owner of the goods at all times, and it is agreed that the hirer possesses the goods as bailee of Sitting
Pretty Loos Ltd, and grants Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd, its officers, employees or agents, the right to enter premises owned or occupied by the hirer, to search for and repossess the goods owned by Sitting Pretty Loos Ltd at any time. The hirer is liable to pay all other charges in full based upon possession of the goods and/or receipt of the services.  The amount or degree of use attained by the hirer shall have no bearing on the calculations of charges.  Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at the rate of
2.5% per month on the overdue amount.